Royal Tunbridge Wells Together commissioned two artists called Paint Mechanics to paint a floral mural on the BHS hoardings on Calverley Road, in collaboration with Tunbridge Wells Borough Council and RTW in Bloom.


The initial idea for the project, which was completed in four days in June 2018, came about during conversations to decide what RTWT could do to support this year’s Britain in Bloom campaign. On finding out that any vacant units decorated in a floral theme could win the town additional points in the final of the competition, where Royal Tunbridge Wells is representing the South and South East, the former BHS unit was the first location that came to mind.


Hugh and Josh, the talented local graffiti artists who founded Paint Mechanics, designed and painted the mural, transforming it into a vibrant and colourful public artwork that passers-by of every age stop to admire.


If you would like to find out more about the Paint Mechanics, please click here to be taken to their Facebook page.

Photo by CMatthews Photographer.