Christmas Window Competition!

The Pantiles Rotary Club are running a Christmas Window Competition for local retailers this year. If you would like to get involved or find out more, please click here.


Royal Tunbridge Wells Together is a Community Interest Company, we provide co-ordination and resources to reinforce Royal Tunbridge Wells’ reputation as a town of substance and economic importance in the region. Our Board consists of key local business leaders.  Tunbridge Wells Borough Council are represented by an elected member and a senior council officer. Following a ballot of businesses in October & November 2018, from April 2019, Royal Tunbridge Wells became a Business Improvement District.  To find out more about this, please go the the BID section of this website. For a list of directors please see ‘Board and Staff’.


To make Royal Tunbridge Wells a destination for retail, business, leisure and culture. We are focused on increasing the vitality of the whole town.

We will work hard to deliver:

  • A well-connected Town
  • A forward-thinking place to do business
  • A stunning, historic leisure destination
  • A clearly defined and unique brand


Our staff are talking to, engaging with and helping businesses of all sizes and types. Our work is driven by local businesses, if you haven’t met the team, contact us.

Some of the projects we worked on in 2018 were:

  • Business Intelligence Reports – view here
  • Christmas retail projects
  • Helping local businesses recruit
  • Working with TWBC on tourism initiatives
  • Business Improvement District feasibility and consultation – click here for more information
  • A month of food events celebrating local businesses and producers
  • Parking and signage audit throughout the town centre and approaches
  • Advice sessions for small businesses
  • Networking events

We send out monthly newsletters to local businesses updating them on news, training, events, projects and other useful information – you can sign up here